The brand bonanza

O1 - the Ordercenter in Mainhausen – was completed after 14 months of construction in November 2013 and opened in January 2014. It provides retailers and sales representatives with ideal options for ordering in a modern and functional setting. Over 80 top brands have been represented at the O1 from the beginning, making it a brand bonanza in the Rhine Main area.

The building is covered with aluminium like a second skin, which gives it its own architectural identity. Inside the floors are connected by escalators and lifts. The display areas are lined up along a gallery with a continuous four metre wide space in between and a skylight. This ensures a pleasant atmosphere, easy navigation and a good overview.

The O1 complies with the detailed infrastructural requirements of our partners in industry and retailers, starting with its transport connections, the huge parking area with over 600 spaces available, its technical infrastructure and service. This ensures easy navigation and a good overview. Reception and information desks, a bistro and a lounge area are complemented by showrooms on the ground floor. Shoe brands are found mainly on the second floor and sports goods brands on the third floor. Escalators and lifts connect the floors, so accessibility is always assured.

The building meets the latest engineering standards. The energy used is 20 per cent below the energy conservation regulations. This commitment to sustainability includes a solar power system equipped with almost 900 panels on the roof of the neighbouring exhibition halls. Since 2010 around 200,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity have been produced annually and fed into the national grid. The O1 is based at the ANWR Campus Mainhausen. It provides six exhibition and event halls with a total area of over 6,000 square metres. Not only trade cooperatives such as Assima or BICO book this space regularly for their shows. Many local companies from the Rhine Main area and the adjacent Spessart region are also welcome guests.

General opening hours

Open weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Floor map